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Problem with Unilogic soft : Read a Modbus Float and convert to Real


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had the same problem, but I managed to "convert" the float to real : the problem is that when you read a float trough modbus, the bytes are swapped.

you read a float and receive 4 bytes ->  this is the way I convert the floating value into a real value


I read the float as a buffer of 4 bytes , then I swap the bytes 

first byte you receive is in fact the 3th byte of the real

second is the 4th byte - third byte is the 1st byte and last byte you receive is the 2nd byte

a good idea is to check it with this link : https://www.h-schmidt.net/FloatConverter/IEEE754.html



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Thank you for the feedback,
Finally I found a solution that seems to work for me.
The register of my sensor is based on a FLOAT type variable (32 bits) coded in AB-CD or CD-AB.
I chose CD-AB.
- I read this one with a 4 x 8 bit array variable.
- Then I transfer the results with: 'Copy array part' by making my bit shifts:
- bit 0 to 2
- bit 1 to 3
- bit 2 to 0
- bit 3 to 1
- then I copy the new variable of type ABCD in a temporary 'buffer' then in a variable 'Real'.
It works for me.

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