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Run-time error


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For want of start UniOPC of the server from WindowViewer InTouch, through System Management Console, There is a message on an error:

Run-time error "5":

Invalid procedure call or argument

Where to search for an error? All worked!


Valery. Uraihe. Kharkov.

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all Unitronics software and utilities are able to work on WIN7 32bit machines but you need to perform a proper reinstall of UniOPC by following the link below set for a Windows7 machine which also requires the turning off of UAC and certain folder directories to be deleted as specified.


Please note:

The UAC requires that you execute the installation using the "Run as Administrator" command. Microsoft introduced the UAC to provide users with more security.

If after all my suggestions he still face problems, please open the software's as "administrator" (Right mouse click).

If UniOPC opened properly, Go to the properties of UniOPC and under compatibility ticked verify the Privilege Level “Run this program as an administrator”.

I hope it helps!

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