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counter with DI02E


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maybe I'm doing something wrong or I'm missing something in my mind 😁

I have a URB-TCP remote IO with expansion module DI02E (fast counter)

i'm using the first input as a counter up ->  counter mode 0Xb02

so unilogic is making in IO ->

 URB adapter input a page with 2 inputs Uint32 and a output page with some bits ( state of the countermode)

when I put a 24V signal pulse to my input , then I hoped the value of the input value 0 (Uint32) would go from 0 to 1, and when giving another pulse to the input he goes from 1 to 2 and so on....

but no, nothing is changing ...... the value of the counter is staying at 0....

Am I missing something here ? 

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hardware is ok,

pulse output on Aph+ input and 0VDC on Aph-input 

but like I said, when configuring channel 1 as up counter with reset (Bph input) then it works like it should be.

I made a movie of this on youtube.....

first counter configured as conter up with reset (mode 5) and then you can see that the value of the input is changing

afterwards I change the configuration into mode 2 (only up counter) and then you see that the value is "frozen"


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Hi pascal and all,

There was unit FW changes and we will update UniLogic for the next release, currently to solve this:

Don't configure on HW config, but use the 4 bits for each channel on the struct to set the mode according to the mapping below:


The spec was changed by the manufacturer since FW version 1.02 (component change due to shortages).

The module will work, just numbering changed, so UP is 0x00 and Frequency is still 0x0D but both channels have to be set like that:




Hope this solve your problem.


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  • MVP 2023

@AlexUT Please take this the right way.  Surely such a fundamental change should have had a warning notice and the above details as a slip of paper in the box with the unit.  Pascal did everything "correctly" yet wasted lots of time due to the differences involved.  It's fine to change components due to shortages, but let the user know so they aren't chasing their tail.  What do those who don't even use the forum do?  Scratch head?  Bad mouth the product?

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

I support Ausman's words about the need to provide information.

As we can see from this topic, at first I thought that the connection of the wires to the module was wrong, but at the same time I could not find the right diagram in the documentation that would illustrate this.

Without the wiring diagram and due to the erroneous table of modes - we have a complete lack of information about this new product.

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