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Unistream CanOpen Problem


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Hi, in this manual you can find how to activate other PDO


p.26 explane your problem:

With the default PDO settings, R_PDO1 and T_PDO1 are activated. The other
PDOs must be activated manually in order to be used.
A PDO is activated with bit 31 (valid bit) in subindex 01 hex of the respective
communication object. ......

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2 hours ago, merttoprak said:

Could you please be more specific about where and how to configure the 31st bit of the relevant PDO ?

I do not know exactly how to do it in Lexium 32.  But i know that Schneider  PLC has some unique sequence for operate with VFD and Servo.

You can try to do something like decribed on p.50.


See chapter --- An initialization sequence must be written to start the operating mode---

I think for sw on something Schneider servo need to send commant for sw off this option before.

Then default ON value is ignored. OFF must be sended before send ON.

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