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HMI hangs on splash screen - Samba 43

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I hope someone can assist me with some.  I have had a Samba 4.3 HMI out in the field for little over a month, the machine its on is used a couple of times a week.

I've been called by my customer today to say that the machine hangs on the splash screen and does not load the main screen.  The splash is only supposed to appear for 3 seconds.

This isnt something I've come across before. Hoping someone here can help out. I have loaded the code.



Final Vers 1.2.vlp

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As i see in PLC output configuration - you use VFD in machine setup.

In some case VFD can generate EMI noise.

PLC can do something wrong when machine work on fast speed with high EMI noise level.

Correct grounding, shilded motor power wire and grounded -24V wire on power supply can solve many problem with PLC.


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Most likely the problem is as Kratmel has described above.

One other thing to try - On net 27 you have MB3 setting SB13.

You should not set this. SB13 is a system bit that gives you a one second pulse.

it is always active and does not need to be set, setting it may cause problems in your program.





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