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Moving Software and HMI from V1210 to V700

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  • MVP 2023

I use V1040, V1210 - it have the same resolution. Sometimes i swap this panel with V700.

You can convert HMI  screens from V1210 to V700 by symply change PLC type in HW configuration.

But you must do manual resize and shift for all present grafic in V1210 projet.  Please do some test and you see - what elements is lost when you change PLC type.

Then you can see how to change all Displays for convertion without any losted item. After change PLC type you can correct resized element position for best design.

If in your Visilogic application do not present Ethernet communication and add-on card for Ports - all project can be shift to V700.


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  • MVP 2023

There is no automatic way, but the V1210 screen is 800x600, while the V700 is 800x480. You only need to resize in the vertical direction. Before changing the PLC in the HW Config, resize or move all elements above 480. You can draw a line on the screen at 481and copy it to all the screens so you know exactly where all the elements must be before the transformation.

Your biggest problem will be Ethernet communications, if you have any.

Save a copy of your V1210 project so you will have access to any HMI elements that were inadvertently lost in the changeover to V700.

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