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NDR-120-24 & USC-B10-B1 & UIS-WCB1


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  • Antal changed the title to NDR-120-24 & USC-B10-B1 & UIS-WCB1
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My only input is that if this is trying to get 220V from a source that is only 3 phase with NO neutral, (hence the 400V input perhaps being derived b/n phases), I have often had issues due to there inherently being no ground reference, and the "floating" real value of the input during use.  Much better to always have a neutral. 

But your earthing one side of the tranny output would likely cover this, as would perhaps commoning your 0V to earth as well.  Others may have different viewpoints on this.  It also depends on supply methodology in your country, as well.


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in only 380-400VAC 3-ph net i use WDR-series power supply.  No transformer needed. 180-540VAC input possible.


I think it is the best solution in mobile divice where only  3ph power present.

P.S. Your diagram is standard. Then it must work without issue.

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Hi, kratmel

Thanks for the answer.  A transformer is required because all controls and contactors operate on 110 V AC.  The question is if i connect the Neutral and ground the way i drawed the PLC will not demaged? This is the original drawing, this is what I want to control with a PLC.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Regards B.A.


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8 minutes ago, Antal said:

A transformer is required because all controls and contactors operate on 110 V AC

You can use machine transformer with 110VAC for power NDR-120-24 power supply (range 90-270VAC possible). Then no addon transformer needed.

In this case you also can connect Neutral and ground in the way you drawed  - the PLC will not damaged.

If you use add on transformer with 220VAC output - this connection is also OK. Secondary 220VAC is isolated from mains.

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