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Issues converting from Allen Bradley to Unilogic in regards to division block

Bruce Booska

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In Unilogic when you divide a real number, say 7.0/3.0 it puts out 2.33333333. I understand using 7/3 = 2 and modulo function 7/3 will give you that 1 remainder, but there's no choice for easily getting the real decimal output, the whole number output and the remainder. This also doesn't work well when the remainder is greater than .5 and rounds up.

In RSLOGIX500 when you divide a real number, say 11000.0/375.0 it saves 29.3333333 to one register, 29 to S:14 and 125 = (11000 - (29x375)) to S:13. Are there math registers in Unilogic like this or do I have to build a formula?


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