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41 minutes ago, GABRIEL GONZALEZ said:

Good morning I have this problem, in this plc and the machine does nothing, could you help me.

The PLC is telling you that there is no application installed. If the PLC was previously running properly, then likely it lost power (with no or a discharged battery) and the application was downloaded without burning to flash memory. You must retrieve the original application, either the .vlp file for VisiLogic, or a file from the SD card if one was installed and the application was backed up to it. Without one of those you are going to have to rewrite your program from scratch.

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Muchas gracias.

Que recomendación me darian para que no vuelva a pasar porque es mas probable que haya sido por una sobre tension ya que existen paneles solares en el sitio, y tengo entendido que varia mucho el voltaje de estos,y en efecto no tenia ningun respaldo el equipo (tarjeta SD). por lo que no hay programa.

Donde puedo contactar a un programador en mexico de esta marca ,para apoyarme de nuevo con este equipo.

y por ultimo este  PLC lo puedo volver a utilizar?


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24 minutes ago, GABRIEL GONZALEZ said:

What recommendation would you give me so that it does not happen again because it is more likely that it was due to an overvoltage since there are solar panels on the site, and I understand that their voltage varies a lot, and in fact the equipment did not have any backup (SD card). so there is no program.

Be sure the program is downloaded with the option to "Download All & Burn". Also, back up the program to the SD card. The program will need to be configured to allow this.

25 minutes ago, GABRIEL GONZALEZ said:

Where can I contact a programmer in Mexico of this brand, to support me again with this team.

Post in the forum on this site, titled "Projects Seeking Programmers". Be sure to include information describing the project in detail. You can also contact Unitronics directly (support@unitronics.com) and they may be able to help you.

26 minutes ago, GABRIEL GONZALEZ said:

And finally, can I use this PLC again?

In all likelihood the PLC is fine and may be used again. However, these PLCs are inexpensive enough that many people keep a backup available in the event of a problem.

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On 2/17/2022 at 12:26 PM, GABRIEL GONZALEZ said:

Muchisimas gracias, ahora voy a publicar y  espero me puedan apoyar con el problema de la programacion.




Yo soy de Mexico y aun que no estoy ahi de momento, tengo  ya algo de experiencia con unitronics y conozco a varios colegas programadores que podrian sin problemas agarrarle la onda rápidamente y puedo apoyar con algo de soporte si se atoran.

En que parte de México estas ubicado?

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