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V1210 Modbus(RS485) communication with Danfoss VLT 5000( software version 3.6) VFD

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Hello to all,

We are in project which requires that operator from one place, one touchscreen, controls (start-stop, change freqencies etc.) of 36 converyors. All conveyor control  same VFD model Danfoss VLT 5000 (software version 3.6). We are using V1210 vision PLC with two RS485 ports. 

We know that VFD-s are pretty old, and we also do not have much experience with Modbus (RS485)communication.

We would ask for advice, project sample, anything that can help if anyone had some experience with Modbus comunication with this type of VFD.

In attachment , sample of project where we used RS 485 to control Yaskawa GA 500 VFD, can it function in same way with VLT 5000? We also cannot find adequate documentation about holding registers for this VLT 5000 VFD.

Thank you in advance for every help,

Best regards.

VFD specs plate.jpeg

Danfoss VLT 5000.jpeg

V1210 to VFD VLT 500 with RS485.vlp

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i find on your foto part number (order code) of two VFD. It is different....
In manual on p.17-18


i found that both drive do not support  F20  MODBUS PLUS option.

F00 - no fielbus... F10 - Profibus not supported by Vision PLC.

On p.85 you can find serial comm protocol.  It is not modbus but you can run your net via Visilogic Protocol FB.

You must run two separate networks for 36 drive run -

31 slaves can be connected to a master, unless repeaters are used. If
repeaters are used, a maximum of 126 slaves can be connected to a master.

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