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VT100 emulation on V1210

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I am interested in emulating a scrolling terminal screen (like the old VT100) 

Typically 24 lines of 80 characters per line.

The HMI Variable TEXT seems to be limited to 64 characters which is much too short for the application.

It seems to handle control characters, or at least a limited CR LF so it looks like it could do the display except for the character length limitation.

My next option would be using 24 TEXT variables, one for each line. 

Any better suggestions ?




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I tried to do brute force experiment with 80 pcs 1 char variable in line. with 80 x 24 lines = 1920 MI used.

Then 4096-1920=2176MI is free :) I do not try to download it to V1210...


Maybe this emulation better to build on Unistream...


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On 3/6/2022 at 7:24 PM, Flex727 said:

Maybe use a Data Table with several string columns, then read out the Data Table line into a vector of MIs?

I do something similar with "List of Texts" fields. After every action controller does it writes a new line on top, old ones move one step down.  This screen is usually called Status Terminal or something similar.

On 3/8/2022 at 10:44 AM, AlexUT said:

Is it worth the time and money?

It my case no. It also doesn't help much with troubleshooting, but it looks good so I usually do it, especially on bigger screens.

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