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Darkside (Other Brands) advise - where do you go for info?


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Yes, I know this is a Unitronics forum.   And I have really learned allot here and prefer using the Unitronics product; however...

My employer (we are an OEM Mfg) has been using another brand (Mitsubishi) heavily for over 10 years and all our top tier product is built on either the FX5 or Melsec Q platform.  

We also use some Automation Direct Click product for compact, simple machines.   

While I prefer to use Unitronics as I know it the best, I need to learn the Mitsubishi platform to provide ongoing support for legacy systems.  

Those of you who use the Mitisbishi prodcut / GX Works 3 - is there a forum or other tech reference you use for guidance / learning on these?   It seems Mitisubshi used to support one but it seems locked / shut down.  

thanks !   



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I've used Mitsubishi GX Works 3 on one of my Unitronics OEM customers where Mitsubishi was spec'd.

All the Japanese PLC's (Mitsubishi, Omron, Idec, Panasonic) program in the same fashion.  It's goofy but not too bad once you get used to it.

As you've learned, there is really no support for these.  I got my best help from the local distributors.

Joe T.  

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