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Problem with VisiLogic Help file (SD File Info)

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While reviewing the VisiLogic Help file in order to gain an understanding of the SD File Info FB, it looks to me like there is either some copy/paste error or just a mistake.

The problem is the description for the Status Messages and the Success Bit. The Status Messages in the Help file don't match what I'm actually getting when online, and the Success Bit refers to "data is successfully written to the Block", which makes no sense with this function.

Perhaps the problem is with the FB itself. The purpose of this FB is to determine if a file exists. It works fine if the file exists, but if the file does not exist, then instead of resetting the Exist Bit and clearing out the other parameters, it just goes into error with a status of 4 (dec). A status of 4 is Bit 3 - No SD card found, or the card is locked. Neither of these conditions are true. After checking for the file, the Success Bit remains off unless the file exists. This also makes no sense.

@Cara Bereck Levy, could you take a moment to look at this? FYI (though I don't think it matters) I'm using version 9.8.80.


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