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doubts about the V130 rs485 jumper

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Were you able to get your jumpers set correctly?

What is the value of MI 89?

Are you seeing any increment of DW 2 & DW 3?

Does MB 343 turn on?

What is activating MB 346? I would start troubleshooting by making MB 346 a positive transition  contact rather than trying to run the communications continuously.

Have you double checked the settings on the inverter?

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3 minutes ago, roghenr said:

It's just that I'm alternating cables, for download and for testing

Put those operands on an HMI screen so you can see them. I think alternating cables can interfere with RS485 operation. Make sure the PLC is rebooted after removing the programming cable and confirm in INFO Mode that the port is set to RS485.

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44 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

Você conseguiu configurar seus jumpers corretamente?

Qual é o valor de MI 89?

Você está vendo algum incremento de DW 2 e DW 3?

O MB 343 liga?

O que está ativando o MB 346? Eu começaria a solução de problemas tornando o MB 346 um contato de transição positivo em vez de tentar executar as comunicações continuamente.

Já verificou as configurações do inversor?

I understand dw2 and dw3 must have values but the problem is that I'm not using separate ports for download and the device in question

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On 10/06/2022 at 11:57, Flex727 said:

Não podemos ajudá-lo se não pudermos ver dentro dos Blocos de Função.

Olá, boa tarde.
Tive sucesso na comunicação com o inversor yaskawa, mas não o endereçamento do comando ligar e desligar e desligar e gostaria de fazer os bits do inversor ligado para mostrar no leitor hm da visão 130.
Também não compreende porque somente depois que pressiono F2 o sai o alarme no inversor conforme imagem já enviada no post.
Pensei que energizasse ou plc ja comunicaria com inversor automático.


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Hello good afternoon.
I was successful in communicating with the yaskawa inverter, but I don't understand the on and off command addressing and I would like to read bits from the inverter turned on to show on the vision 130 ihm.
I also don't understand why only after I press F2 does the alarm come out in the inverter as shown in the image already sent in the post.
I thought that when energizing the plc it would communicate with the inverter automatically.

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