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Que version de visiologic corresponde a plc visión 120-22-UN2

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 Buenas tardes el PLC de un equipo  tiene el visión 120-22-UN2 y quiero conectarme al PLC pero manda error 206 que versión de software le corresponde según la foto,

El PLC utiliza los dos puertos seriales para conectarse a dos drivers delta, ya detuve el programa desde la pantalla de información pero aún no puedo conectarme a plc 



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Good afternoon, the PLC of a team has the vision 120-22-UN2 and I want to connect to the PLC but it sends error 206, which software version corresponds to it according to the photo, The plc uses the two serial ports to connect to two delta drivers, i already stopped the program from the info screen but i still can't connect to plc

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Please look  here and scroll down for the latest list as an xlsx:


Are the comms to the drivers being done with 485 or 232?  The settings in the PLC to communicate with the drives is likely upsetting things, but it should still be possible using the default port and plugging in to no. 1.  Another possibility (that can only be done after you've got into the 120) is that your 120 can do UniCAN which might be a simple way to allow this if you got a 130 with no I/O and just a Canbus adapter, and linked the 120 and 130 together.  You could then get into the 120 via the linked 130.  Or alternatively completely change up to a 130 that can be fitted with an extra com module and also an ethernet one, which would do the same job but with the added benefit of getting in all the time via ethernet, all in one unit.  Changing the code to a 130 is not that hard.  In fact there is a facility in Visilogic to help do this.

cheers, Aus

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