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I can't send a simple email through my panel


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Hi all,

First time I am trying to send an email from my panel, but there is something that probably I am setting right.

Does anybody know what is the DNS that need to setup on Unilogic software? I am using a Yahoo account and What I did from command prompt on my computer. I typed: nslookup Yahoo.com

Addresses:;;;;; pick up on red color

On DNS Servers Unilogic section: I choose two of the Yahoo servers I found, I guess the problem might be in here. I am not sure if this is setting right. But when I hit a bottom on my HMI to send an email, I am able to see how the status changed to 2 (Function in Progress) and after maybe ten seconds changes to -1 (General COM Error. Please Check the physical connection)

(See pics attached)



PXL_20220621_193633316.MP (1).jpg

PXL_20220621_195229988.MP (1).jpg

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On 6/22/2022 at 9:04 AM, Flex727 said:

You can always use and/or These are free DNS Servers provided by Google.

Also, that Default Gateway looks a bit suspect. Usually the last number is a 0, 1, or 255.

Hi Flex727, Thanks for your comment. I opened a ticket to Unitronics support because I am still dealing with it and additional of this topic can't connect to the cloud services despite I did all they said in the video section. 

Regard of to send emails, I tried all the combinations on DNS section but not success yet. Once I have a solution I will published here to be people inform and get an answer if they deal with something similar.

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