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hey all...

Ok, I've been retired for a year and a half, and sometimes I feel quite rusty...

But I'm starting to think I've gone daft...

I'm making a small mod to one of my home projects, and my mind (or something)is playing tricks on me.

Here's the setup;

My 'puter is in the house, connected via Ethernet to a V570 out in my workshop, I have no problems with communication.

The V570 controls various things, one of them being the pump on my pool, which has four daily timing periods, as well

as manual on/off functions that override the timers. all well and good...

But it never fails, just as my wife gets in the pool, the current time period ends, and I have to go turn it back on manually,

which also means I have remember to go back out later, and turn off the manual override...


So my old brain starts thinking, hey, I could put a physical pushbutton within easy reach, that will start a timed override...

And all that logic is easy enough, but it's 100 deg F out today, so I'm in the house playing with this...

Now all the previous description is just for the sake of conversation...

What has me scratching my head as I'm trying to emulate the press of a pushbutton in debug.

I've done this in the past, but doesn't want to work for me today...

In net 6, MB 91 should emulate the PB, that is when I use the online "SET" function, MB 90 should SET, which SETs MB 90,

then MB 91 should RESET, and the rest of the logic should just do what it does....


But, I can't get MB 91 to SET

Anybody see what I'm missing?




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3 hours ago, kratmel said:

Something like that

MB91        MB90


But in Visilogic online you must reset MB91 before new start of  MB90, then reset MB91 coil must be in net 7.


I shouldn't have to use  a -[P}- for MB 91 (although I tried that, as well as putting the RESET for MB 91 in a later Net)...


Here's another example I've had in a project for years...


Yes, it's a DT FB, but I would think that SETTING another MB should give the same response....

SET MB 100 in debug, the FB executes, then RESET MB 100...

Or SET MB 91 in debug, MB 90 SETS, then RESET MB 91....

"Help Mr Wizard, Help" (ahh, tutor, tutor, tutor, trizzle, trazzle, truzzle, trone, time for this one to go home...)🥴



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  • MVP 2023

Your reply just popped up as I was finishing.

John, to my eye the real question is whether MB90 is being set with the online MB91 set click.  Your logic supposedly turns 91 on (with an online click) , then 90, then 91 off.  So the set is likely not even showing in online mode, as at the end of the scan it is off.  But 90 should set.  However, I don't normally do two coils in one rung.  I break things up to enable easier troubleshooting.  Which is what Kratmel is getting at. 

For interest's sake try dropping the 91 reset from 6, and adding in a rung after your existing 6 that is simply if MB 91 is on it resets MB91.  That separates the two actions.  If this doesn't work, check again that you're not using 91 elsewhere!

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

FYI, in all my timer over-ride situations, I arrange another timed control element that runs a new MB etc on the main operation net.  I don't link the over-ride directly accessing into the main control time system. It looks like you have done it as the separate way.  The other way can lead to headaches.

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Hey Aus...

I re-arranged a the logic a bit like suggested, but MB 91 still doesn't SET,  I agree that I probably would not see the SET/RESET of MB 91 online, but MB 90 should set until my "timing sequence" finishes (Counter/Compare vs Timer logic)....

And at that point I had an "AH-HA" moment... In Net 8 I had not called -(R)- on MB 90.... Made that change and it works as intended...

Oh, this mid-west USA heat is stifling my brain...🙄



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  • MVP 2023
23 hours ago, John_R said:

middle of Winter

Yes, although our east coast has just suffered terrible flooding due to an odd shift of tropical cloud that happens now and then, brought all the way down from the far north.  Some locations  around Sydney had over 700mm in 3-4 days. 

That's a lot of water out of the sky.

In such rainfall, I often ponder at all the energy involved to make that happen.  Totally gobsmacking.   Humans are so piddly.

cheers, Aus

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