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Keypad entry change --> action required

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I have a button to increment and decrement and keypad entry. I set address of keypad entry address different  as numbering starts with 0 but in reality it is one. Increment and decrement work fine with button .But how do I reflect change in the keypad. I want to program if there is a keypad entry change reflect that change in other address.




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I will try to simplify your task.

Imagine that  the table row number zero does not exist (you do not use it) .

Use only the required numbered lines...

Your main task is to limit the range of the index change from 1 to the desired maximum. You can easily do this for input from the virtual keyboard - there is  a definition of the allowed min and maximum for keyboard input. 

For buttons, just put a comparison block in the laddet net that will block decrements less than 1 and increments above the maximum.

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