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V1210 V200-18-E6B K-type thermocouple reading 32767

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Please check jumpers position inside module. If it is correct - please try to disconnect thermocouple from AN3 and connect to AN4 (with correct jumper settings).

If no result - configure AN3 as analog Voltage via jumpers and connect to analog input small battery with known voltage - test via Visilogic is it Voltage readings correct (ADC readings must be adequate).

If yes - replace K thermocouple to another one. If Voltage test is incorrect - module analog circuit is damaged.

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6 hours ago, ToWilli7 said:

The jumpers are still set at default.

No-on so far has directly mentioned this, but as Kratmel says, check the jumpers.  Being at default they are wrong.  Default is the small asterisk.  From your wording you appear to think that changing things in Visilogic sets the input correctly, but physical jumper position must be matched as well.

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