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UAC-01RS2 COM module not working


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I am currently working on a project where we use 3 RS232 COM modules (UAC-01RS2) to communicate with 3 different devices. Also, we are using a UID-W1616T COM module for digital signals. The three RS232 com modules have been working fine for about three months. This morning however, one of the devices' parameters were not being read out. After inspection I saw that the On/Off indication of the UAC-01RS2 module was not turned on (green) like the other RS232 modules. It seems to be a power failure problem. The UID-W1616T is however receiving power even though it is configured behind the malfunctioning UAC-01RS2 module.

Has anyone ever seen this problem and does anyone know how it can be fixed? We are in the middle of commissioning and delivery times are extremely long which makes ordering a new one hardly an option.

I attached a picture of the configuration in real life on the back of the HMI and of the configuration in Unilogic.

Thanks in regards!

Kind regards,


Unitronics PLC COM config.jpeg


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