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Grouping Outputs


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Hello. I need some help to make simpler this application. I made it work with lots of numeric and bit variables but its a very long program and that make it heavier.

Need to group different outputs (64) to turn them on and off at the same time. Also need that those groups can be modified through the screen. Im using US5-B10-T24 with 4 modules UID-0016T. The outputs from those modules are the ones to group and the groups not necessarily are in order (outputs 1, 3, 10 from first module can be in same group as 7, 9, 15 from the third module).

Thanks in advance.

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i think that you can use a DTI to define the coupling "output : group" and also include the status o each outputs; so you can read/write  (row by row or passing to an array) the status of some contiguos outputs, or check if the position is in a specific group etc....at the end pass the status at the physical outputs

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