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HSO (step control) controlling example

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I'd start simply.  You don't need the immediate functions to make it work.

Enter a frequency value in MI 19 and the number of steps in DW 4.  Then turn on MB 0 to make it go.  It should produce steps until DW 0 = DW 4.

Of course you'll need to verify that your stepper is wired correctly.  Remember that O0 and O1 are NPN outputs.  There are other posts on the forum regarding this -


Joe T.

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Thanks a lot for your response.

I would like to have an example that use the step control functionality of the controller.

For example, how do I move the linear actuator to a zero position after a power up. (In small steps and check if the linear actuator arrived to desired position or a big move and wait to input interrupt etc.)

Thanks in advance

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