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Calendar Usage and Variable entry

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Hello, I kind of have a two part problem that I can't seem to figure out. I am new-ish to plc and my predecessor is no longer here working with the company so I am unable to ask questions elsewhere.

I currently am trying to set up a calendar function that will set a bit on a certain day of the year. I am currently set up as shown in the image trying to do a trial on a fixture we are not using atm. When I manually set the date  it show that both the month and and day are activated but it isn't setting my MB's, and I'm not understanding why. 1154271036_CalendarCompare.png.6fc701e830cd6d11a5ad97f596ab6cb4.png


My second thing I am trying is to set up a variable "password" entry for the calibration.  Example : Acceptable psi range reading would be between 1.80-2.00 psi. After verifying actual reading is correct I would to be able to enter a value that, as long as it is between that range it will activate a bit.  

Any help would be greatly appreciate, thank you. This particular model is a V570 but I also use V700 here as well.

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For these type of problems it is always helpful to upload you program.

what you have posted is only a small piece of information.

for a start you should check that the net where this is located is being called.

you should also check that mb154 is not being reset elsewhere in the program.

if you post your program someone will look at it and assist you.

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Further to sgull's comment..

5 hours ago, sgull said:

you should check that the net where this is located is being called.


You should also see whether the bit is actually being set and then reset so quickly that you can't observe it happening. 

For the sort of thing you're wanting to do, your existing instructions have the bits being Set and Reset all day, every scan, which means you can probably not use Set and Reset.  (And I ask are both meant to be sets?  One is a reset...is this a typo?)  If you actually need MB154 to be a Set that is then Reset elsewhere in the program once something is achieved during that day, you need to have the initial time logic end up as a transitional contact doing the set.   Sometimes this is best done through interacting directly with SI30-38, rather than the "convenient" method.

cheers, Aus

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