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Unitronics products deliverance in Serbia


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I ve been using Unitronics PLCs for 10 years, and deliverance periood for Unitronics products in Serbia has always been around 1 or 2 weeks. Recently I ve started to receive an offers with extremly large deliverance time 3 to 6 months. Could anyone tell me what is going on. I work for a watertreatment company where most of processes are based on Unitronics and I realy wish to know what is going on. I am not willing to change PLC products manufacturer due to many complications like making new applications and electrical panel reconstructions. 

Why deliverance time is now very long, is it temporarily or not? I apriciate every thrustfull info on this topic.


Zoran Matić BSc EE 


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5 hours ago, ZoranM said:

deliverance period for Unitronics products in Serbia has always been around 1 or 2 weeks

Unitronics distributor here.  Not a Unitronics employee, so do not take my comments and opinions as the official Unitronics position.

Consider yourself extremely lucky.  Hopefully your distributor gave you the heads-up on long deliveries at the beginning of the year.  Here in the United States, delivery has been six months on Vision products since April.

Apparently there's one chip also used by the automotive industry that's causing the delay.  They don't know when delivery will get back to "normal".  We did receive a large shipment this month and supposedly we'll get more that will cover our backlog going back to March.

They are not going to re-design the Vision to use different chips.  Any new designs are in the UniStream product line.

My gut feeling is we will someday get caught up.  I would recommend you order additional spare parts and sit back and wait.

Joe T.

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