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Summer and winter time change


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I just realized that the RTC time of the unistream automaton had changed with the time change. I am surprised because the FAQ from PL-System, the French distributor of Unitronics, says that the PLC does not change the time automatically.
I don't mind but I would like to be sure because I need to display the current time to the user and keep a universal timestamp for saved data.
So I'm thinking of using RTC for the user time if it changes automatically according to the season and I'll use UTC for the timestamp of my data.

Do you have any info on this time change thing?

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Unistream PLC now supports automatic time syncronization.

On the PLC in System -> Date & Time you will see Auto-Sync.

If it's on the PLC will sync with "http://worldtimeapi.org/api/ip" and get the full time and date inculding timezone according to your PLC IP.

The sync will happen each time the panel start-up and also every 12 hours.

You can also press "Sync Now" button to force sync.


In UniLogic you have four system structs for time:

  • 2 for RTC time and date(RTC Time and RTC Date) which is now the local time.
  • 2 for UTC time and date(UTC Time and UTC Date) which will give you UTC time.


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