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Headless Unistream with Android Tablet Uni-Apps


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We are not able to get our USL panel for our headless Unistream, we are considering using a tablet to VNC into the PLC but we also used Unitronics VFDs and servo drives, I believe a lot of the functionality and diagnostics of these are accessed from the Uniapps on the Unitronics HMI.  Is it possible to access Uniapps when using VNC on a tabet?

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Hi Surg;


Are the Tablet ( wireless)  and the USC PLC on the same network?     The VNC should be direct  connection.

Another option is a P C  with Monitor  or a Laptop on the  same network - VNC will be a direct connection.


If the Tablet and USC are on different networks, then you have to to go thru the customer IT to get it set up.

Yes, UniCloud is another Option - you can use a Starter Subscription -  and also have some data in the Cloud.






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Thank you for the answers!  We would have the tablet on the same network as the machine and direct connect them.  We have not used uni-cloud but  I would be concerned about latency since this will be the main operator panel and not a remote unit etc. 

Speaking of direct connect, what is the ideal method for connecting the tablet to the plc?  We are thinking of getting a tablet with a separate charge/power port and using the usb or usb-c port to ethernet adapter. 

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