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HSC ModbusIP registers

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Been lurking the forums for a while. First post!

Any help is appreciated.

1) Can anyone point me towards the official Unitronics documentation that would tell me what ModbusIP registers are used when talking to a HSC (ie: URD-0200E)? Maybe it's just me but I can never seem to find official documentation that details information like this.

2) What registers contain the count? What registers do I write to for HSC config?

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Thanks for helping Joe and Ausman. And thanks for posting those links. Lots of good information there, however they did not answer my question.

The Remote IO adapter I'm using is the URB-TCP. I should also specify that this is a Visilogic project.

I did figure out the answer and I'll mention it here for others. Maybe Joe and Ausman could comment as well for correction or further clarification.

The answer is two parts:

1) Modbus read/write registers are not specific to IO modules as I had thought. For example the URD-1600 does not always use the same Modbus registers in every configuration. This is because the input and output registers change based on overall config (quantity, position and type of modules). So the example URD-1600 will use a certain register when it's the only module on the remote adapter but will use a different register when there is another IO module in position before it.

2) URB-TCP and URB-TCP2 Modbus registers are; inputs start at 0, outputs start at 2048

Bonus) Don't forget to factor in the -1 offset that is sometimes needed when reading/writing to registers in Modbus

Hope I explained this well enough and it helps someone


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