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WinCC SCADA as client for UniOPCServer


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I am very new here to this forum so i apologise if I write anything wrong in advance.

I have a school project I would like to make, however i am stuck at a problem and I do not know how to go forward. 

The project consists of a Unitronics V350 controller, which has a simple program running on it. I have made a server, using UniOPC server with a serial connection with the controller (baud rate, COM port etc...).  Added a PLC name and PLC type and the server seems to be working fine. 

In TIA portal, I have created a project, inserted a PC station, added a IE general comm module and a HMI WinCC RT Advanced module. I added a screen to HMI_RT_1 and the two HMI tags (one Int and one Real). 

Under connections, I added a new connection and a OPC UA communication driver. 

However, i am unsuccessful at establishing a connection. Is there anything I am missing? What should be written in the "UA server discovery URL:"? Any tips or guides would be really appreciated. Furthermore, how should a tag from Unitroncis Visi Logic be written for the WinCC to read it correctly?

Thank you all in advanced!

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