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Snap-In module HSC frequency measurement

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Well, I'm using type T thermocouples out in my home workshop for climate control, as well as one outside so I can check the outdoor temp from in the house (via Remote Access).

I seem to have a problem with accuracy on the outdoor T/C though, mostly because at times it is influenced by the position of the sun.

Perhaps if I mount the T/C on the blade of a little windmill, that drives an encoder, then I can synchronize the read of the T/C with  the point of rotation that the T/C is blocked from direct sun by the other blades.

Now, do I put the T/C on the HSC inputs and the Encoder on the T/C input, or vice-versa?   🌞

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The question has already been answered as "yes, the frequency on the basic HSC configuration is in Hz."  Integer hertz.

Little known Visilogic trivia- if you need frequency resolution greater than 1 Hz you can use the "Frequency Measurement based on HSC" function block cleverly located in the Utils->Immediate menu.  It returns frequency in 0.01 Hz resolution.  Very handy for speed control applications where you don't have the luxury of an encoder; i.e. a prox on a bolt sensing speed.


On 11/17/2022 at 3:14 PM, Ausman said:

That is....it gives you hurts if you mistime the swing and it hits your head. 

That's actually pretty clever.   😄

Joe T.

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