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Unilogic software Win 7 & Win 10 compatability


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Hi hive mind, can anyone answer a few questions for me?


  • At what version did unilogic require you to Win 10 rather than Win 7? ie what is the last Win7 version number?
  • Will i be able to program a current unistream 10.1" HMI/PLC now using an older version downloaded from the website?
  • Is there an easy upgrade path for the software if i write an application now in an older version (on Win7) and then later want to move to Win 10 and v1.32?

Thanks everyone


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  • MVP 2023

UniLogic never did run very well on Win 7 as it had to install SQL Express 2012 alongside for it to work.  It runs so much better in Win 10.

Submit your question to Official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com

The newer versions of UniLogic will be able open a program made on an old version.  You'll also have to update your PLC firmware, but that is not a big deal.

Joe T.

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UniLogic is no longer supported on Windows 7 since version 1.33. This is because older UniLogic versions were using SQL Local DB 2012, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.
This means that any security issues with SQL 2012 will not be fixed by Microsoft.

UniLogic 1.33 is using SQL Local DB 2019, which is however not supported on Windows 7 and also requires a 64Bit Windows.


If you are using Windows 7, then you can continue using it with UniLogic 1.32 and program your PLC. Older versions of UniLogic are still available on our website.

Programs created with UniLogic 1.32 and older can be opened with newer versions of UniLogic. This has always been the case.


In you have Windows 10, then you can install UniLogic 1.33. In that case, the installer will install SQL Local DB 2019, and will transfer all the projects this this version.

This means that UniLogic 1.32 will also work with SQL 2019.


Please note that Microsoft does not allow downgrading data bases into older versions, so any project saved (or even opened) on Windows 10 (After UniLogic 1.33 was installed, even when you open it with 1.32), cannot be opened on computers that still have their UniLogic use SQL Local DB 2012

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