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Moving Remote PLCs in the list of Remove Operator

Paul Augood

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  • MVP 2023

Paul, I only use Remote Access and you can set up as many instances as you like.  I don't know if you can do multiples for Remote Operator, but I would think so.  I have quite a few in one folder that are linked to particular connections.  Open the instance, click the glasses and you're straight in.  See here:


Hopefully this will all help in Removing  Operators!!!  🙂

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

Paul, nothing heard, but I looked into Remote Op to see about this as I was curious.  Installed it ok and had a look around, and the solution is not too hard at all.

What you want can be fairly easily achieved with a little bit of fiddling with files. This all works on my PC.

1),  Drill down to ProgFiles(x86)/Common Files/Unitronics/Favorites.  You will find Favorites.xml in that folder.

2).  You need to change security permissions on the Favorites folder so that you have full control, otherwise you can't manipulate the file(s).

3).  Once you've given yourself permissions,  initially do a copy of Favorites.xml as a backup.  Open the original with notepad, you don't need something more complex like Notepad++.

4).  In notepad you'll find all your connections in blocks under <ConnectionsList>.  Each connection starts with <PlcComConfig> and ends with </PlcComConfig>.  Here is my test example which was simply changing some things in a real connection:

      <Channel xsi:type="Ethernet">

Cut and paste the entire piece of text to wherever you want it to appear in your favorites in Remote Op, ensuring the basic layout for each of the pastes is correct with no extra spacing etc.  Once finished then save.  I'd actually do progressive saves on this to check it is all working ok as you go along the path to fully getting what you want.

When you next open Favorites within Remote Op, the list will reflect your changes.  Here's a screenshot of my copy/paste/adjust result, which was the "3rd" one in the file.


All in all, not too hard to do and should help.

cheers, Aus



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And a PS I forgot.  You can run multiple instances, but they all reference the same .xml file, which clangs having just a particular group of connections arranged as above in separate instances.  However, you could have a number of .xmls with various "groups", and it wouldn't be too hard to go into the Favorites folder each time and change the .xml name to be correct.  All depends on how much you need to do.

cheers, Aus

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  • 11 months later...

Ausman (and anyone else interested in this issue), your suggestion worked but made some notes here.

Following your suggestion I first made a copy of the  UR2 file and used a text editor (I used Notepad++ too) to cut and paste the associated blocks in order of the name. Cut whole block from <RemotePLC> to </RemotePLC> and insert after </RemotePLC> where you want it. Once you've edited what you want to change save and then open with RO to test - if ok you can let this become your default file. I also made additional UR2 files for different groups of PLCs for deferent clients/ different applications. 



This is an example of the block you want to cut, and if you are at the beginning or end of the don't mistake <RemotePLCs> or </RemotePLCs> (with the littel 's').

      <Channel xsi:type="Ethernet">

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