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Can we use same project for different PLC and HMI?

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Hi all,

I have an old project file which was built with V430 and IO Expansion module IO-AI4-AO 2 and UN-IO-DI8-RO4.  In this project file, the PLC takes in Analog Input as a current signal and outputs a voltage signal using the IO-A14-AO2 and the UN-IO-DI18-RO4 is used for monitoring of alarms and relays.

Now, I want to shift to V560 and replace both IO Expansion modules with a SNAP IN module. Is it possible to change only the hardware in the HW Configuration panel, instead of doing it again for the new system?


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Generally yes. The restrictions are (off the top of my head) you can't convert directly between color and monochrome HMIs, Vision & Enhanced Vision products, or Samba and anything else. Since the V430 and V560 are both color HMI and Enhanced Vision, you should be good. However, you will have to convert all your I/O addressing, but that isn't difficult - just do "Replace Operand".

You will have a problem with screen resolution, however. You will need to move or convert your graphics to fit on a 320x240 pixel screen. Your V430 has a 480x272 pixel screen. It will let you convert, but every screen element beyond 320x240 will be deleted when moving from V430 to V560. Just do all your HMI work before converting in the Hardware Config.

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