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Is There A Master Password (or what is the fefault password)?


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I just started working at this facility and was tasked with trying to get into a PLC/HMI because the original installer left and ghosted the company.  No password.  I am familiar with some companies having a master password or secret button that allows you to reset.  Even a default password would help.  From what I have read though,  this seems like an open source program and was programed from scratch by the original installer.  So probably doesnt have one.  I thought I would try though.  Thank you for any help.


Donovan Pierce


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You didn't mention the model of the PLC, but I'm assuming you've downloaded the software and tried to upload the program.

Unfortunately, you are basically screwed on this.  There is no way to get into a Unitronics PLC and upload program without the password.  The only thing you can do is start over and blow out the existing program with a new one.

Joe T.


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17 hours ago, dpierce said:

an open source program

Technically, it's not....it's just free from the PLC's maker.  Unlike many other PLC makers, who can charge a fortune for the means to program their units.

Further to Joe's comment, you might be lucky.  Check if the unit has an SD card in place, there might be a copy of the program on there that you can access.  Otherwise, yes, you're screwed.

cheers, Aus

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