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"Copy DTI Column into Array" Ladder function does not work


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I have been trying to get the ladder function "Copy DTI Column into Array" to work with no success. I think there is an error in the UniLogic help on this function:

  • Input A (Data Table: Source) No problem here I can add DTI OK
  • Input B (Column: Source) No problem here I can add DTI column OK
  • Input C ( Start Row) No problem here I can add a constant here e.g. #0
  • Input D (Number of Rows)
    • !!!Problem  This supposed to accept a constant but does not.
  • Input E (Array: Destination)
    • This will not accept an Array name. But does seem to accept an Array name with an index, which doesn't help any. It allows a constant which does not tie in with the help description. Again putting a constant here does help solve anything.
  • Input F (To Array Index) This allows a constant.

**Also, When you drag the function to the rung it automatically fills in inputs C & E with #0 which suggests these accept constants. This contradicts the help? E supposed to be the Array name**.

----------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE

I think I have sorted it myself. There is an error in the Unilogic help on this function. The ABCDE Function allocations are as follows:-

Corrections in RED

  • Input A (Data Table: Source)
  • Input B (Column: Source) 
  • Input C ( Start Row of Source) 
  • Input D (Array: Destination)   Name of Array (same data type as source column)
  • Input E (To Array Index) 
  • Input F (Number of Rows to Copy) 
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Dear Chris2,
which unilogic version are you using? I checked the function and it seems like there is a mismatch between the function and the HELP doc in addition the name of the function "copy column to array in DTI" is different  from the function name in the help file " Copy DTI Column into Array".

anyway, if you need to copy a column from DTI to a variable array tag this function is working fine:

  • D= destination array (your array tag)
  • E= destination array index (the starting index)
  • F= Number of entries (the max variable transfer in the destination array)

We will fix it on the next update.

Thanks a lot for your comment.

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  • NoamM changed the title to "Copy DTI Column into Array" Ladder function does not work

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