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Rising edge on a StateMachine UDFB input


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I'm building a reusable state machine using an UDFB.

I want to detect a rising edge when the statemachine should run to transition from the idle state to the next state.

I create the input tags but in the UDFB i cannot use the tag when using Positive and Negative transition contact. I can select it if I use the Direct or Inverted Contact.

What is the reason for this and how do you propose i do it otherwise?

Attached is a very minimal example.


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hi linnemann

I think that this happens because also the "function in" variables are consider as "local" so are inizialized at every loop of the program...so the -|P|- will be as a normal -| |-  .

if you want/need just a "one shot" command you have to reset the used variable at the end of what you need to do.

consider that a single variable is passed by value...so you have also use a "function out" to reset it...otherwise array and struct are passed as reference...so what you do with the relative "function in" variable will have a direct effect to the global variables.

hope that is clear but mostly that is right.

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