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RGB LED control via a PLC

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I was asked by a client if i could add some lighting to a machine. The light was to act as an indicator of the temperature of a heat element. The LEDs should be blue when the element is at room temperature then transition to red when the element is at operating temperture. The colours should fade into each other to show heating progress. 

I thought this would be easy so i have left it pretty late.

I assumed there would be an LED controller that could interface with a PLC but I cant find one.

Have any of you had to do anything like this before and know of a product that will do the job?





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41 minutes ago, kratmel said:

You can use two PWM PLC output  for operate blue and red LED.  1-st start with 100.0% PWM duty on low temperature. Second with 0% on the same condition.

Both PWM  can be operated by Linearization FBs. Input temperature - outputs PWM setpoints. 

Nice solution, kratmel!

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