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UIS-WCB2 HSI connected to encoder


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Can anyone help me how to use UIS-WCB2 for the position detection?

I have connected Encoder A and B outputs on card inputs, it counting But I need two directional counting and can't figure out how to set it.

I am new with Unitronics so please feel free to propose obvious simple solutions if exist.

Thank you in advance

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  • MVP 2023

I think that the user did not select correct option in the HW configuration.

Unfortunately,  user did not specify which settings he selected.

By selecting the quadrature (A/B) encoder option, we automatically select (maybe) that this is a reversible counting device, which also takes into account the direction of rotation of the encoder during the processing of two quadrature signals A and B.

Unfortunately, I do not have such IO on my desk to experimentally confirm or refute my guesses.

Although I may be wrong in my guesses - only the project sent by the user can show what is wrong with the encoder configuration or signal processing from it.

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@kratmel @Rivka

Thank you so much for the answer. Last few days I was not near machine so I am able to test it now.

My first setup was as @kratmel suggested, I also tried with High speed type: Measure Length (Pulse Counter) and A/B interface of course. 

I have 2 encoders and in both cases during movement value of the tag  UIS-WCB2_0.B1: Counter is alternately changing from 0 to 1. When I stop movement last value remains. 

During movement value of the tag UIS-WCB2_0.B1: Frequency is 0.

I need this encoder for position reading so I would like to have some number which I can calculate position from.




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