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You have not described the task you want to solve.

In the title of the topic, you ask about


In the text of the post, you ask

5 hours ago, Magnien said:

I would like to indicate a setpoint pressure.

I assume that the system will have a VFD for the pump. And you want to regulate the pressure. Most of VFD have a built-in PID pressure regulator.

You can easily adjust such PID loop and give it the setpoint pressure from the PLC and read real pressure from sensor.

I agree with Flex that you can make a PID loop on a PLC, but I know from practice that, for example, to regulate water pressure, you need to additionally provide many auxiliary modes for the system, and accordingly, all this needs must to be adjusted somehow.

All this is already implemented in the VFD for pumps. It is only necessary to carefully read the manual for the desired standard application and set the parameters for it.

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