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High Speed Counter - Don't work


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(PLC = us5-b5-ta30)

(HSC-0 = HS Input 0 from "Uni-I/O & Uni-COM")

I have signal from generator output 50Ohm, 20V Vpp, square signal. This signal is connect to HSC-0 (Input I10)  into PLC. CM1 is link to 0V. I set HSC-0 as Pulse with frequency 1000ms. I don't know what is Filter.

After run in structure IO.HSC-0 Frequency PLC show 0.

If I change input signal as sinus, PLC in structure IO.HSC-0 Frequency (Snap-In) show  value <> 0 but not quite correct. (for input F=1000Hz -> show 1000, but for Fin=5000Hz -> Show 7500). Previous solution I had based on V130 and works great and precisely.

I try set different combination with HSC-0 but without result.

How to properly connect the output of the generator to the input of the HSC? And How to properly set device HSC-0 ?

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The first step is to get the output level of the generator to something the PLC can see.  A signal generator typically has a 0 VDC offset, so your 20 Vpp signal is probably +/- 10V,  The PLC is looking for a 24V signal.

When I'm using a generator as a signal source I typically run the output from the generator into an NPN transistor through a 1K resistor and pull up the collector with a 2.2K resistor, 

Take a look at this post for a similar circuit:


Joe T.

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