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Scope Trace Functionality


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Hi, I'm currently de-bugging a new project involving RS485 MODBUS comms with 20 slaves.  The du-bugging process is proving to be a challenge as things happen so quickly, making visualisation difficult.  I've started using the Scope Trace function for the first time, which is a tremendous help when observing the behaviour of numeric values, but I am a little surprised that I don't appear to be able to assign bit values to the scope, or am I missing something?  Clearly a bit changing state can have a significant impact on numeric values and so it would be really helpful to see both on the same screen.

I guess one option is to create numeric values from the bit states and plot those, but it's potentially a lot of additional work.

Hopefully I'm missing something and this is possible?  Feedback appreciated.

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Hi Rivka,

Many thanks for the confirmation, any idea when this new version will be released, it would be really useful to have this feature to help with my debugging.  Or if it's going to a while, is teher any possibility of getting access to you unreleased version for testing?



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