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Slow transition from one display to next

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My 15.1 " Unistream use 5-10 seconds to switch from one diskplay to next. The CPU is from 2018 but the display is bought in april this year.  The main screen has about 250 objects. On a 10" PLC the transition is almost immediate.

Operation on screen is immediate, except alarmscreen where selection of alarms takes many seconds.


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Please send this quastion to  support@unitronics.com. You can also send project to support for test.

You do not post Display model #....

I think that this is either a problem with the program you wrote or a problem with reading the internal flash card that is built into the panel  (if it is Unistream modular).

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Display of 10" with many elements scalled to 15.6" will require more CPU time to re-draw elements.

This is why display switch time may be long.

You have to check PUsage (System->RunTime) to be sure that CPU is not full loaded.

In common, having 100s of elements, many trends, or many animated images at display you cannot suppose it will work very fast.


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