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SQL Stored Procedure with MySQL don't work


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I am testing the principle of calling a stored procedure in Unilogic 1.33.236 but I have a visible error message in the structure associated with the request:

  • Status: -5 (Not documented in the Unilogic help)
  • Status report : 2031 no data supplied for parameters in prepared statement

I am working with a MySQL database. The connector is correctly configured.
In PhpMyAdmin, I created a stored procedure to insert data in a table with the name of the dynamic table as described in this link: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/sql-dynamic-table-name
but adapting it to MySQL.
Here is the code for the stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE `insert_data`(IN `idStation` INT, IN `ts` INT)
SET @varTable = CONCAT('bd_acquisition_',idStation);
SET @query = CONCAT('INSERT INTO ',@varTable,'(`id_station`, `date_time`) VALUES(',idStation,',FROM_UNIXTIME(',ts,'))');
PREPARE dynQuery FROM @query;
EXECUTE dynQuery;

I tested the call in phpmyadmin

CALL insert_data(10,123456);

and it works fine.
I've tested the call in the LADDER code by giving input values in hardcodes directly in the SQL statement and it works very well (without checking "Is Executing Stored Procedure") But I'd like to provide the input values through the SQL Query block and that's where it gets stuck...The problem comes from the call with the placeholders. Nothing works: ? , :param , @param , With or without "Is Executing Stored Procedure".

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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