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UniLogic Message: Could not apply command

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After download, the PLC is still busy on loading the new project, or the changes.

For an advanced security, the online support in the PLC is only being activated when it is being requested by UniLogic. Since the PLC is busy, it might not reply on time and the request might get timed-out (UniLogic has 3 retries with 500ms between each request), and in that case you get the message that the command could not be applied.

Since the Online communication works, then it is only a false-positive. The command is actually applied, but the PLC does not reply UniLogic on time.

I can increase the wait for response time-out and also the wait between each retry and the number of retries, and it will reduce the chances of getting this message.

You didn't specify the version of the firmware you are using, so I hope that you are using the Official firmware that came with UniLogic 1.33.348 (firmware version is 1.33.260).

If you are still using the firmware that came with UniLogic 1.33.210 (which I think is 1.33.149), then surely the command will fails (Even when you start Online from the Ribbon), since this command is only from firmware version 1.33.189 (where the official released firmware version with UniLogic 1.33.348 is 1.33.260)

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