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Enfora and 350/570

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V350/V570 are supporting Enfora Modem, if you have problem to communicate pleasemake a little test:


Poweroff the modem>Insert your GSM SIM Card>connect the modem to your PC byusing the full 9 pin cable (P/N MJ10-22-CS28)>power on themodem


OpenVisiLogic>Modem Services> Verify the setting as below (including PIN codeif there is any)>and click on Prepare PLC-side modem.

Waituntil it finish initialize.

Ifeverything is ok, unplug the full 9 pin cable from the PC and modem, thenconnect the special adapter MJ10-22-CS72 + 4 wire cable to the modem .

Thesecond edge to the PLC's COM2 set as RS232.


Openthe ladder>put direct contact as SB2 and add the Com init from the COMmenu> click ok and download to the PLC.

Whenyou finish to download this basic program please power off the modem and thePLC and turn them on after 3-5 seconds.

InVisiLogic go to on-line mode and check the status of SB82 (1=init /SB83:1=fail).

i hope it helps!

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