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Initialize Com port 1

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Hi All

I am unable to initialize Enfora 1308 on Com port 1 with V130 . I have only one port 1for program download and connect to modem. I have successfully initialize the modem with the PC. I do not know much about the modem commands so I copied the commands from the PLC modem prepare to Com 1 Init. I am using SB 80 and SB 81 on the HMI to check but it has failed to initialze.

Can somebody help me with what I am not doing correctly, probably the commands on Com 1Init?



Com init.vlp

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Hi Wambo!

Have You tried to power up the modem and plc at the same time while they are connected to each other? Have You tried to use the default init strings in Com init block for enfora? What about the modem vs plc connecting cable. As long as I know the preparation cable and modem vs plc cable are different. Somebody can confirm that maybe.


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Try using a baud rate of 9600.

This poster is correct. As of recent, Vision controller operating systems now mandate the use of 9600 baud rate for the Enfora modem. It used to be the case that any speed would work, and actually 57,600 was the most common to use. This is no longer true, and you must re-prepare the PLC side modem for a 9600 baud rate as well as have this set in the COM Init function block.

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