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CAN open Comunication with Roboteq FBL2360T motor controller


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I am tring to set up CANopen comunication between a US5-B5-TA30 PLC and a FBL2360T motorcontroller. 

Both the PLC program and the controller configuration is atached.

To start with, im simply tring to get anything from the controller at all. 

In the CANOpen Statistics Struct the NumReceivedPDOMsg is ticking up, indicating that the PLC is receving soem cind of data.

How ever the the values in the pdo structs do not change. The motorcontroller by default maps user variables to the PDO's so on the controller I have a script runing that continually wincreases the value of one of the PDO's. How ever the values on the PLC do not change.


Getting input on what I might be doing wrong or should be done differently would be greatly appreciated as this is the first CANopen project.

CANopen motorcontroller.ulpr v2.1a-FBL2360T-20231017.cpr

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