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Unable to read Global Tags information from PLC // Downloading issue

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I have an issue when I try to download to PLC - only if I try it remotely!? I mean, if I connect my laptop directly to the PLC and I try to download via its own IP address everything goes well! If I try to download from another network, i.e: 4G network or from my home it causes issues the following warning: (01.jpg). As you can see at the 02.jpg picture the connection is fine (port forwards are created properly in the router - 22, 3335, 5900, 8001). Interesting thing that VNC viewer is working properly without any issues. 

Have you ever encountered such an error? Do you have any idea to solve it?






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Most likely that port 22 is not being forwarded.
You can try connecting to the PLC using FileZilla while entering the address: sftp://PLC-IP-Address-On-4G

You might not be able to connect, or you might connect but the device that will reply will be the router.

If the sftp server rejects your connection due to invalid username and password, then it means that it was able to connect. (I just want to check the connection over port 22)

Please tell us if you are able to connect with FileZilla?

Furthermore, when connecting, you should get a dialog of "Unknown host key". Did you get it?


If you were not able to connect, then in UniLogic, under PLC on the Ribbon, under UniStream Management -> PLC console communication, click on Turn on, and then try again with FileZilla. Were you able to establish a connection now?




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