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  1. Hi, thanks for the addition. Is there a manual, where the use of the remoteoperator.exe.config items are described?
  2. I'm starting Remote Operator from a commandline. I'm using the commandline parameter /O= to point to the .ur2 file I want the user to start with. In the UR2 file I saved startup settings for RDP/VNC mode and Autorun. When I use the /O parameter the autorun doesn't work. Are there also parameters to set autorun and rdp/vnc mode through the commandline ? Or is it possible to enter this information in the remote operator.exe.config? I tried that, but in that case I saw that for a new user the program is looking for the ur2 file at the directory mydocuments from the user. The file can be found in the projects directory from the Remote Oprator program directory and not in the my doduments directory. I would like to prevent that the user must browse through the system to fund the ur2 file. Regards, Hylke Bakker
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