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  2. News and Announcements

    1. UniLogic 2021-- UniCloud IIoT Cloud Platform, EtherCAT & more!   (231,999 visits to this link)

      UniLogic’ first 2021 release supports UniCloud, Unitronics complete, no-code IIoT Cloud Platform specifically designed for the OEM and Machine Builder. End-to-end, scalable and secure, UniCloud enables you to easily build customized Dashboards and use them to harvest, analyze, and leverage data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, and implement preventative maintenance—reducing your management overhead and leaving you time to grow your business.
      You do not need programming or cloud development skills in order to commission and deploy UniCloud—you can benefit from IIoT services, increase your revenues, and save on costs without relying on programmers and cloud professional staff.

      This release also introduces UniStream 'Cloud' controllers.  UniStream 'Cloud' controllers are an industry first: a PLC with built-in, no-cost cloud services. Each UniStream Cloud PLC is supplied with a pre-paid 5-year Start-up Subscription plan-there is no monthly subscription fee.

      UniCloud is also supported by Vision Enhanced, Samba, and will soon be supported by Jazz. While UniStream connects directly to UniCloud, note that other controllers connect via Unitronics secure routers.

      To learn more, and take advantage of our free trial offer, click here: https://unitronics.cloud/product/

      This release also supports EtherCAT, the industrial fieldbus protocol that drives powerfully precise processes in factories across the globe, via our new EtherCAT Master module. The new module enables you to integrate:

      ·         Unitronics EtherCAT Servo Drives
      When you use a Unitronics drive, EtherCAT data exchange is transparent. You can implement motion using UniLogic's Motion function blocks. A single UniStream can support up to 8 drives. Plus, you can easily adapt any Motion application based on CANopen to EtherCAT simply by making a few changes in Hardware Configuration.

      ·         Unitronics URB EtherCAT adapter
      Via an EtherCAT URB adapter, you can communicate with Unitronics URB Ethernet-based I/O modules

      ·         Third-party EtherCAT slave devices
      You can import a device's definition file, and exchange data via Ladder using SDO requests.

      A single UniStream can support one EtherCAT master module, which can support a total of 32 EtherCAT nodes. This includes EtherCAT Servo drives, Remote URB adapters, and third-party EtherCAT devices.

      *EtherCAT is currently supported by USC-B5 and USC-B10 only.


      For a complete list of features and bug fixes—and to download the latest UniLogic version—click here and scroll down: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/software-unilogic-for-programmable-controllers/

    2. VisiLogic:9.8.64 - Link to mobile app, Ladder: 2x the Space!   (202,732 visits to this link)

      This major release introduces a number of new features that will boost your productivity, such as wide Ladder nets and dynamic I/O configurations.

      In addition, when you install this version and open it for the first time, a pop-up will allow you to access app store links for Unitronics’ Remote Operator for Mobile app. For the complete rundown, read the version changes at https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic/

    3. New!!! ***** U90 Ladder*****   (187,178 visits to this link)

      U90 Ladder 6.3.0, OS 2.20 B00 supports new Jazz models JZ20-R10, JZ20-R16, and JZ20-R31 in Hardware Configuration. These models are 30x faster than JZ10 models,  have twice the memory,  comprise integral USB programming ports.
      Read the version changes at: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-u90-for-programmable-controllers/

  3. UniStream HMI + PLC Programmable Controllers & UniLogic Software

    1. UniStream: Hardware

      This is the place for all things Hardware: UniStream HMI panels, CPUs, I/O and COM modules

    2. UniLogic Software

      Receive and share information about UniLogic, the application software for the UniStream control platform

    3. UniLogic UDFBs

      Want to share a UDFB? Here's the place!
      NOTE: This page contains files and links to items developed by third parties. Unitronics bears no responsibility for any consequences of accessing and using any third-party items of any kind.

    4. Industry 4.0, IioT, MQTT, OPC UA

      Open discussion on Industry 4.0, IioT, and MQTT

  4. Vision, Samba, Jazz and M90 PLC + HMIs & Software

    1. Vision & Samba PLC + HMI Controllers & VisiLogic Software

      Welcome to the Vision and Samba series forum
      Talk about issues related to the Vision and Samba PLC + HMI series and to VisiLogic software

    2. Jazz, M91 PLCs and U90Ladder

      Talk about issues related to Jazz, M91 PLCs, and the U90Ladder software

  5. Motion! Servo Drives, Motors, Actuators, & VFDs by Unitronics

    1. Motion: Unitronics Servo Drives, Motors, Actuators, VFDs--by Unitronics

      Unitronics provides a full line of the most easily programmed Servo Drives, Motors, Actuators, & VFDs on the planet. This is the place to ask all of your Motion questions, whether you are using EtherCAT or CANopen!

  6. UniCloud: the end-to-end IIoT Platform for Unitronics Controllers

    1. Everything UniCloud!

      UniStream, Vision Enhanced, Samba, Jazz--all paths to UniCloud can pass here!

  7. Software Utilities

    1. SD Card Suite

      Enhanced Vision OPLCs support SD cards that enable application data to be stored and remotely accessed.
      SD Suite enables you to view and manipulate that data, as well as format cards and perform other tasks.
      Note that SD Cards also enable , complex web-page hosting, and application cloning between OPLCs.

    2. Remote Operator

      Remote Operator enables you to use a PC to view and work with a remote controller's HMI panel.
      You can define any number of controllers, then open multiple sessions to view them simultaneously, while docking or cascading windows according to your preferences.

    3. Remote Access

      Remote Access enables you to use a PC to access remote Vision, M90/91, and Jazz OPLCs.
      Remote Access includes UniDownload Designer, and Operand and Data Tables access.

    4. DataXport and DataXls

      DataXport creates logs of run-time or stored data from Data Tables and operand regions within Unitronics PLCs. DataXport saves the data logs in .ulp format. You can open these data logs using DataXport's companion application, DataXls, and then export the data to Excel files.

    5. UniDownloader

      This tool downloads compressed control applications to local or remote Unitronics controllers. You generate a compressed application from within either U90 Ladder or VisiLogic. Your end user will be able to download the application, but will not be able to view or modify it. The tool can download applications and OS.

    6. UniOPC

      UniOPC Server (Unitronics OPC Server) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics OPLCs and applications that support OPC, such as SCADA programs.

    7. UniDDE

      UniDDE (Unitronics Dynamic Data Exchange) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics OPLCs and applications that support DDE, such as Excel.

  8. Utilities for .net and Visual Studio

    1. Unitronics PCOM Protocol

      Unitronics PCOM Protocol
      This describes the telegrams used to communicate data between PC and OPLC.

    2. COM Object ActiveX .dll

      COM Object ActiveX .dll
      This zip file contains an ActiveX .dll file that can be used to implement SCADA. UnCmDrv1.dll file contains methods and properties for invoking the OPLC, read / write, locally or remotely, implementation examples, and an explanation of accessing Data Tables.

    3. .NET driver

      Unitronics communication driver for .net.

  9. Project Design

    1. ...I have a project...what hardware do I need?

      Ask the Unitronics staff for recommendations regarding controller type, I/O configuration, and communication methods.

  10. User Application Stories

    1. Just finished a great project?

      This is the place to tell us about it!

  11. Everything HMI!

    1. UniLogic: HMI Design Inspiration

      Design a cool screen in UniLogic? Solve a knotty user interface problem? Have an HMI question for the gurus?

      Post here!

    2. UniLogic: Graphics, from Community!

      Create and Share! If you have created a custom graphic that you would like to share with the UniStream community--this is the place 🙂

    3. VisiLogic--HMI Design

      Questions, issues, cool solutions for HMI design for Vision and Samba--post here.

  12. Tips and Tricks

    1. Best Programming Practices

      Tips from Unitronics gurus

    2. Tips and Tricks

      This is where you can post items of interest that are not covered by other forum sections.

  13. Job Board

    1. Projects seeking Programmers

      If you are in need of a paid programmer to write your Unitronics’ project, post here to look for someone in your area.
      **Disclaimer: Unitronics bears no responsibility. This is just a place for people to find each other**

    2. Programmers seeking Projects

      If you are a Unitronics programming guru looking for projects, post here to look for someone in your area.
      **Disclaimer: Unitronics bears no responsibility. This is just a place for people to find each other**

  14. General Discussion

    1. We're Listening...

      This is the place for general feedback

    2. The Lounge

      Grab your preferred beverage and have a seat. Want to tell a nerdy binary-based joke? Argue the merits of Heinlein vs Spinrad? This is the place.

      Play nicely--NO FLAMING. KEEP IT CLEAN. Enjoy :-)

  • Blog Entries

      One of our community members, @YINGD suggested that we open up a forum section dedicated to HMI Design, and our long-time MVP @Flex727seconded the suggestion --so we did!
      Here is the main section, with sections for UniLogic and VisiLogic:

      I hope that this will prove helpful to our community--thanks for the suggestion!
      We want to thank the community members who voted in Control Engineering's 2022 Engineer's Choice Awards!
      The Grand Award is bestowed upon the product that receives the most overall votes. This year’s Grand Award recipient is our very own UniStream 'Cloud' controllers, voted the top award over 72 finalists.
      Click here to read the article in Control Engineering: Spotlight on Innovation: 2022 Engineers’ Choice Awards.
      Click here to read more about UniStream 'Cloud Inside' Controllers--and get a link to our recent webinar on using this fine product to benefit your business!

      Unitronics Upcoming Webinars  | Spring 2022
      Knowledge is Power - Enhance your Automation Skills!
       We invite you to join one or more of our live, free webinars to deepen your knowledge of Unitronics products, programs, and services.
      Register for one or more of our upcoming webinars today!
      Webinars  | Spring 2022
      Subject: VFD | The Simplest Way to Control via Communication
      Date: March 23rd at 11:00 EDT | 15:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: UniCloud: The Business Benefits
      Date: April 6th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: Getting Started with UniCloud: The Basics with UniStream Controllers
      Date: April 13th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: Getting Started with UniCloud: The Basics with Vison & Samba Controllers
      Date: April 14th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: Servo made simple: Motion control with Unitronics
      Date: April 26th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: The power of HMI
      Date: May 4th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: UniCloud | New Features, Functions and Capabilities
      Date: May 18th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: Total Solution – One integrated Solution
      Date: June 1st at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: UniLogic Introduction
      Date: June 15th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Subject: Unitronics Eco-System: from OT to IT & Cloud (Communications)
      Date: June 29th at 10:00 EDT | 14:00 GMT
      Click Here to Register >>
      Read these success stories to see how members of our community take advantage of different aspects of Unitronics' powerful Remote Access capabilities!
      Grupo Electrotecnia Galiana: UniStream, HVAC application
      The challenge: create a high-performance test bench to test HVAC compressors over the word-wide range of voltages & frequencies, while enabling remote commissioning & operation via Web browser & VNC.
      Click here to read the complete story.
      Schepers-Techniek: UniStream, swimming pool application
      Schepers Techniek BV is a system integrator offering custom control panels and automation solutions. For one customer, Schepers needed to replace the automation system on a local swimming pool. The customers wanted to the new system to offer basic control that could also monitor energy consumption; in order to keep the control platform easy to use they wanted to avoid using a SCADA or PC based solution. Other concerns included keeping the total cost low, reducing the system downtime during the replacement process, and ensuring the system had the flexibility to expand if necessary. Schepers Techniek selected the UniStream all-in-one control platform from Unitronics. They chose the 15.6-inch color touchscreen HMI panel, as a large easy to use display was important to their customer. The CPU and I/O modules snap to the back of the panel, creating an all-in one PLC+HMI. UniStream also has several powerful features that enable the customer to remotely monitor the system and react quickly if problems arose. One of these is UniStream’s alarm management system; if an alarm is triggered an email notification is sent to the operators so that they can address the problem as fast as possible. They can also view the alarm history via the HMI. The application can also be monitored remotely via either a webserver or using a VNC connection on any mobile device.
      Click here to read the complete story.
      EPS: Vision1040 PLC: Boiler application
      EPS can remotely access any of the Vision1040 PLC installed on one of their boilers using Unitronics complimentary software utilities. Justin Butler, Senior Electrical Engineer, explains the advantages, saying “With Remote Operator, we can see exactly what the operator sees from our office at the other end of the country via a VPN at absolutely no cost either financially or in development time. This is a huge advantage if the client requires assistance to solve a problem.” The Unitronics Vision1040’s powerful communication options also allow for necessary safety features. The boiler control system includes an Enfora GSM modem, enabling SMS messaging. If a fault condition triggers an alarm, the PLC sends an SMS message to a list of operators in sequence to inform them of the condition. The operator receives an actual description of the fault, rather than just a generic “boiler fault” message, allowing the operator to assess how urgent the response needs to be. If an operator responds to the SMS alert, it prevents the message being sent to the remaining operators on the list, avoiding duplicated efforts to fix the problem. The fault messages also appear on the HMI panel; this HMI alarm message and the SMS alert are the same and are pulled from the same string library, meaning that EPS didn’t need to code two different messages.
      Click here to read the complete story.
      NPP Tehnoavtomat: V350: power station project
      How can you keep power stations running in the Russian wilderness? PLC control with reliable remote monitoring. NPP Tehnoavtomat installs power stations in Russia’s many remote regions; they need excellent remote access and monitoring and responsive alarms as well as impeccable control. They implemented a Vision350 PLC+HMI from Unitronics to control and monitor on such remote electric power station. This PLC ensured the station could run smoothly and autonomously without issue.
      Click here to read the complete story.
      Tills Innovations: UniStream 10.4 PLC + HMI: complex water feature control
      Tills Innovations specializes in the design and installation of beautiful custom water features. For a recent large-scale project, Tills selected a UniStream 10.4 PLC + HMI. The powerful, multifunction controller automates multiple pumps, valves and lighting for the feature, while enabling remote monitoring and control via an easy to use interface….
      One of the important software features for this project is the built-in Alarm management system; the university monitors the system remotely on a daily basis to check for any problems. The UniStream PLC triggers alarms that are easy to understand and to resolve.
      Click here to read the complete story.
       AquaRD z.o.o.: Vision130: wastewater application
      Here, the Vision130 PLC also collects data from one of AquaRD’s GSM/GPRS modules, the CellBox-UxR. This allows the system to respond to events as they happen and display the changes in real time. If an alarm is triggered, the information is immediately sent a SCADA server where it is processed and presented in a variety of charts, graphs and reports. Some alarms will also send notifications via SMS messaging to ensure a speedy response. The Vision130’s advanced communication options make it easy for AquaRD to monitor the compressor station remotely and respond quickly if any problems arise.
      Click here to read the complete story.
       University of Johannesburg’s School of Engineering: Vision1210 + Jazz: drinking water project
       The team from the University of Johannesburg’s School of Engineering worked on a service project to bring clean drinking to a remote village.  They believed that by implementing automation and remote monitoring technology they could prevent a “give and forget” effect, where service projects fall into disrepair after a few years.  Using two Unitronics programmable controllers (PLC+HMI units), they were able to control a solar powered water pump, record data on the pumps performance and report the status of the pump via cellular communications.   These versatile PLCs made it easy for the team at University of Johannesburg to ensure that the water pump continued operating at optimal levels long after the initial installation.
      To make sense of all the information collected by the Jazz PLC, the PLC, configured as a Modbus slave, transmits the data using a radio modem to a radio to cellular interface station. Once the data is converted to a signal on the cellular network, it is transmitted to a second PLC, configured as a Modbus master, via a GSM modem. This PLC, a Unitronics Vision1210, is installed at the University of Johannesburg, where it displays the status of the pump, power supply and tank.
      Click here to read the complete story.

      Can't reach your site? No worries.
      Unitronics' secure Remote Access enables Complete Control—Anytime, from Anywhere
      Remote Access was 'nice-to-have'. Now, it is Must-Have—the pandemic made this clear.
      All Unitronics controllers, VFDs, and Servos enable secure, stable Remote Access—you are never off-site!

      Join us on Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 at 10:00 ET | 15:00 GMT(+0), to learn the best ways to use Remote Access to secure your applications. You will learn how to connect to your controller to upload and download programs, configure and commission your hardware—how to perform just about any task that does not require you to hold a screwdriver—via serial, ethernet, cellular, or CANbus connection. 
      With Unitronics Remote Access, you always have secure access to your applications, no matter what is happening in the outside world. 
       Register Here for the Webinar 
      Can't make it?  
      Don't worry. We will send a recording to all registrants. 
      Click here to see our upcoming webinars and save your seat! 
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