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  1. Dear, how are you? I have a problem and would appreciate any help. I use a serial port from Visio 230 to read data from a Vaisala WXT520 weather station. It´s all right but the rain message. I´ll explain. I receive repeatdly the rain message in the following format: 0R3,Rc=9.9M,Rd=8s,Ri=7.7M,Hc=6.6M,Hd=5s,Hi=4.4M,Rp=9.9M,Hp=2.2M<CR><LF> But dependent on the intensity of rain, the message changes its long and may be like this 0R3,Rc=19.9M,Rd=18s,Ri=27.7M,Hc=16.6M,Hd=25s,Hi=14.4M,Rp=91.9M,Hp=22.2M<CR><LF> In resume: only the dividers are constant, but the numbers are not. The message lenght changes because of numbers change. How can I use Protocol Scan to read this message "all the time", independent on values or string length? I tried to use 8 Variables at the configuration protocol to this message, but it not worked. Some doubts: - What configurations may I do on message properties? I tried to use Numeric, Decimal ASCII with no fixed length, with No Prefix. It should be working? - When I use only one variable to transfer all the message to, it worked, but it´s very difficult solve the values when the positions are not fixed.
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